Make your water happy

Sometimes messages keep on bobbing up to give us new opportunities and can link previous experiences to realisations. Last week an Aztec shaman was in my house and clinic doing a space cleansing ritual. I'd seen (twice) in the past Aztec Temazcal Shamanic ceremonies done on people in their last weeks of life, with rituals involving water and fire which I can't describe briefly. Fabian, the shaman, explained that the water he used for the ceremony at my home was purified and infused with prayer, therefore cleansing and remarkably positive. He reminded me of the Japanese "pseudoscientist", Emoto's, research into water molecules from 1999. He claimed that water molecules changed shape when exposed to positive or negative thoughts. The idea of having purifying water in Aztec ceremonies, holy water in Christianity and various cultures throughout the world. Water is life, without clean, purified water, we're in trouble.

I'm constantly telling my son to drink his water and because of his chronic dehydration, he called himself Monsier Desert. When he gets home from school, I know if he hasn't had any water during the daytime by his touchy mood; saying that, he can probably tell if I haven't had water either. I tell people coming into my acupuncture clinic that they are in 100% control of the fluids they consume and can make a huge biochemical change by introducing the best possible fluids. As babies we have the most water content in our bodies and in old age the least, particularly the deconditioned elderly because gradual and constant muscle mass loss over the age of 30(according to

This sparked me to think about positive psychology, words of affirmation, and their effects on water molecules in the body. In Chinese medicine, the positive vibration in every part of the body is associated with the spirit of the heart, called the Shen. You can see the Shen in the sparkle in one's eyes, you'd say the eyes "light up". The Shen is also in the skin, the hair, and in every cell of the body. When you feel excited or inspired, there's a certain energy charge or electrical pulse. Think of what happens to electricity going through water and it's immediate conduction. A shock or bad news hits the Shen and cells in a different way as we know. These negative emotions are a cause of disease in Chinese Medicine, so important to address, and a reason to get acupuncture treatment.

Give your body's Shen, water and cells the best messages possible. The good news is that you are always in control of this. Watch what happens to the eyes of someone when you are truly present and ask how they are. I love to see eyes lighting up. That is the Gate of Shen opening.

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