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Acupuncture is a complete system of medicine for men, women & children.



I have a comfortable and relaxing treatment space in Woking.



Traditional Chinese Medicine uses tongue and pulse diagnosis for key signs.

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About Susan

I have been living and working in Woking since arriving here in 2003.  I am from Minnesota, a Midwestern state in the US, which is best known for 3M, Prince, Bob Dylan, the Mayo Clinic and the Mississippi River. Contrary to the Scandinavian feel to the state, from an early age I grew up with Vietnamese, Hmong, Chinese and Tibetan friends, so I was immersed in East Asian culture. But it wasn't until finishing 5 years of university in 1992 in Minneapolis that I first discovered acupuncture. I immediately knew that was my path. 


To start, I explored and learnt everything I could for 4 years, then went to France to be a nanny for some professors. I travelled to Europe and volunteered in a kibbutz in Israel and taught English to Tibetan monks in India.  I then lived in Tokyo and Hiroshima in Japan for 4 1/2 years, where I started my studies in Chinese Medicine at Beijing University of TCM. I met my husband and moved to the UK, getting a BSc in Acupuncture from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.  Since then, I've done training in various styles of acupuncture and health, which I've listed in my bio. I am studying Chinese herbs and may use them in your treatment.

There are many things we do at home to stay well, like natural and personal care products, cooking, exercise and social interaction.  I incorporate positive psychology and essential oils into my practice and give recipes for home-made health,  promoting products/foods. I'm also a member of the Windsor Knights Ice Hockey Team and love being on the ice.

Susan Adams with glasses in cabin
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