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I often get asked if acupuncture is all I do. I'd like to give you an idea about how vast the field is by listing some of my training.  I have done training in many areas of health in order to understand it all better. I recently finished a diploma in Chinese Herbal medicine. 

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My Professional Development

Tui Na Techniques (2000) - Dr Sai, Beijing University, Tokyo

Diagnostics in Chinese Medicine (Jan-July 2000) - Dr Sai, Beijing Univeristy, Tokyo

Nonviolent Communication (2003) - Jo McHale

Complications in Obstetrics - Sarah Budd

(Acupuncture for) Male Subfertility (2004) - Peter Deadman

Gynaecology in TCM (2006) - Jeffrey Yuan

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) (2007)- Bridget Belgrave

The Balance Method (2007) - Dr Tan

IVF (2007) - Jill Glover

Fertility in Chinese Medicine (2007) - Hilary Haynes 

Herbal Skin Pastes (2008) - Lloyd

Paediatric Tui Na (2009) - Elissa Rossi

Japanese Rice Grain Moxa (2010) - Marian Fixler

Korean Hand Acupuncture (2013)- Jong Baik

Cosmetic Acupuncture Certificate (2014, 2018) - Yuan TMC, John Tindall

Methylation  (2015) - Biocare & Alessandro Ferretti

Pyroluria  (2016) Ann Pemberton

Autoimmune Disease & Inflammation (2015) - Nichols

Why Nutrition is the key to Alzheimer’s (Sep 2016) - Dr Dale Bredesen, Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Nutrigenomics (2016) - Biocare

Manufacturing a Healthy Environment from Conception through Childhood (Oct 2016)  - Great Plains Lab, Dr Shaw

Evidence Base for Nutritional Interventions for PCOS (Oct 2016) - Dr Marilyn Glenville

Basic Biomedical Genomics (Oct 2016) - Dr Anju Usman

TCM Fertility Foundation Course (2017-2019) Jani White

Clinical Evidence for Acupuncture (2017) - Mel Hopper Koffelman

Nervous Breakdown (Jan 2017) - Allesandro Ferretti

The Microbiome - Biocare

Alzheimers Awareness Action Training (Jan 2017) - Cytoplan

Integrating Treatments for Anxiety and Depression (Sep 2017) - The Naked Pharmacy

First Aid in the Workplace (2006, 2010, 2014, 2017, 2021) - Holos Medical 

Hormone Testing (2018) - Genova Diagnostics

Shonishin Acupuncture (March 2018) Stephen Birch

Fertility and Obstetrics (March 2018) Fertility and Gynaecology

Understanding Endometriosis (March 2019) Jill Glover

Sports Taping (May 2019)

Essential oils for Acupuncturists

Flower Essences for Emotional Health During Crisis (April 2020)

Supporting Teenagers Through Extraordinary Times (April 2020)

Facial Diagnosis in Telemedicine (April 2020)

Dietary Support for Wei Qi for Covid 19 Prevention or Maintenance (April 2020)

Everyday Herbs for Health Maintenance (April 2020) 

Supervision for Acupuncturists (July 2020-April 2021) Isobel Cosgrove & Sally Blades

Menopause Masterclass (Jan-June 2021) 

Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma (Sep 2021-2022)

Advanced Chinese Herbal Medicine (Sep 2022- Apr 2023)

Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma (Sep 2023 - ongoing)

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