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Pregnancy Test

1st Trimester
Early Pregnancy 

I have done postgraduate training to treat women throughout pregnancy and have been treating pregnant women regularly with acupuncture since 2006. 

Early pregnancy can be an exhausting, worrying and uncomfortable time for many women.

If there have been complications in the past, this is a great time for extra support.  Acupuncture can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable. It may take a series of sessions to help make the changes more effective.

2nd Trimester

I hear from women in this period when they have various physical and emotional complaints such as pelvic pain, sciatica, headaches, nausea, depression, neck pain, sinus issues, and bleeding.
During pregnancy women often tell me they prefer to avoid medication when catching colds, for example, and they can safely get acupuncture with those of us who have training to treat you through pregnancy.
I use gentle treatment and few needles throughout pregnancy. 

3rd Trimester

From 31 weeks of gestation I start to treat women who have a breech baby using acupuncture and moxa . You can bring in your partner to learn how to use moxa at home. It's advised to get your breech treatment as early as possible for best results.

At week 36-37 I start weekly sessions of acupuncture for labour prep. This is used in Germany as a standard midwife protocol. It helps reduce stress and ripen the cervix. 
During the sessions I go over a mixture of paediatric massage, acupressure for labour, postnatal recovery and more. You can bring your birthing partner in for the session on acupressure for a teaching session.

Postnatal Recovery

After your baby is born you have a lot of adjusting to do. You may have trouble breastfeeding, feel stressed because the baby is crying, have back pains, and emotional swings. 
Nourishing your blood and energy is important. Your new or expanding role of parent may feel overwhelming and make sure you get some time to unwind and relax. Use acupuncture to help you achieve this.
You can also book in your baby for Shonishin paediatric treatment.
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