Traditional Acupuncture

As a British Acupuncture Council Member, I studied for 3 1/2 years in the UK and 6 months in Tokyo); I also use styles and techniques individual to my interests and training (see About Me to see my training.)

Acupuncture is an evolving tradition, adopting modern techniques like electro-acupuncture and scientific trials in health conditions and efficacy are constantly underway all over the world. My core training is in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which dates back thousands of years, whereas ear acupuncture originated n France in the 1960s. 

Whenever I see someone with a condition I haven't yet come across, I look into the Western medical pathology and treatment but find my Chinese medical diagnosis going back to the basics of the theories developed in ancient times. 
Acupuncture techniques and points used for thousands of years still work.

Why Western Medecine needs Chinese Medicine
How  acupuncture works

People ask how acupuncture work, basically, it tunes you up. ​Your body is an instrument, like a violin, piano, or guitar, it needs re-tuning. Acupuncture tunes you by gently relaxing and harmonising the body and emotions. It's used both in times of health to keep you well, and also to help when your strings snap! 


The last 100 people I treated had 24 different main complaints. People usually come in with a list of health complaints. We have many different strings to harmonise.  We are exposure to stresses, viruses, bacteria, medications, and physical and emotional traumas.  Combined with genetic tendencies all sorts of biochemical and psychological reactions can happen in a person.


Every acupuncture treatment is different because every person is unique. I choose points and techniques to suit you on the day.