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Acupuncture for Fertility


Acupuncture for Pregnancy


Acupuncture for Menopause

 Acupuncture for Women & Girls  

In Chinese medicine, females have 7 year cycles of life.  The descriptions of what happens in these cycles.  There are 3 times in a woman's life that are considered the most vulnerable when health can improve or deteriorate. Menarche (first menstruation), labour, and menopause. 

I see women through various times in their lives, from pre-wedding stress, to coming off the pill and deciding to try for a family and on into labour and the menopause. 


At menarche, girls may have irregular periods, pains, hormonal migraines, PMS, and mood swings that can be treated with acupuncture. Teens are well known to be emotional, and when too many hormones accumulate, it causes imbalance and stress to their immunes system. The unpredictable nature of teens is their abundance of energy spilling out into different directions. That energy needs to be collected for optimal mental and physical health.

Young people tend to respond well to acupuncture, no matter how much they protest!

A teen holding a phone
Water tap with no water coming out


A doctor specialising in mindfulness training near Slough said during menopause, the tap of a vital hormone gets turned off and you just don't know how that will affect you.  For example, if it happens quickly, your symptoms may be more  noticeable. 


Once you hit a certain age, most of your health related symptoms may get brushed off as menopausal.  Remember, you may have had decades of rushing around leading to exhaustion, carrying heavy handbags contributing to frozen shoulder; and possibly all sorts of stressful interpersonal relationships, bereavements and stresses piling up feelings of anxiety.

I use acupuncture, Chinese Medicine dietary principles, mindfulness, and other techniques to start to help your body move to a more comfortable condition.  It's a gradual process to help your mind fall into a more relaxed state.

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