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Chinese Herbs


I am a member of the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, which qualifies me to prescribe herbs.  I use a company called Phoenix Medical for my herbal prescriptions. I can do remote or in-person diagnoses.

In my Chinese Herbal practice, I specialise in skin conditions and regulating menstrual cycles.

Chinese Medicine

Herbal prescriptions

Using your Chinese Medicine diagnosis, I will formulate a prescription to help you get better more quickly.


I send a link for the prescription by email and once you pay for it, they post the herbs to you. You can have them in individual sachets or in a pot with a tiny scoop. The cost depends on the strength of the formula, which is made up of a combination of plant roots, stems, branches, leaves or flowers. 

Cooking with herbs

Many Chinese herbs are used in everyday cooking. I encourage patients to include these by recommending recipes and simple home-made teas.  Many everyday cooking ingredients like spring onions and ginger are Chinese herbs and it's helpful to know how they help you.

Ramen Bowl
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