I am undergoing supervision training with Isobel Cosgrove and Sally Blades until April 2021. This course is the first to have been done remotely, which makes it possible to reach anyone.  I am starting to offer supervision to individuals and groups now so please contact me to set up a chat to see if you would like to try.

Mentor / Supervision

for Acupuncturists

and Health & Well-Being Practitioners 


Whether you work in a clinic or on your own, it's helpful to have someone to talk with about your professional practice issues from timekeeping, fees, treatment issues, stress, illness and burnout. You get the space to go over blocks, glide through life transitions and keep on track with self-improvement.

Group supervision

I offer group supervision in person or virtually. Each group member will get time to discuss an issue while getting the rich perspectives from peers. Either a new group can be created, or you may be able to join one that is established or being started. Rich learning happens on both sides, being supervised and giving feedback to group members.

One-to-one sessions

Regular one to one supervision helps you to verbalise issues in depth. It gives you opportunities to let go of self-criticism and isolation when working alone. It can be used simultaneously with group supervision. Some people use it when an issue comes up but it's most beneficial to have preventively as well.


My practice numbers have doubled since getting supervision. I feel more confident from learning about areas of myself and my practice which need attention. It provides creative reflection with incredible support to improvement and manage circumstances affecting professional practice.
Whether you'd like to do in-person sessions, phone or video chats, I can offer professional support by understanding your situation and offering you time and space to find creative solutions.
Contact me for a chat, it is a positive investment in your career.
Susan Adams
Acupuncture Mentor and Supervisor
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