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Stacey Chapman, Acupuncurist in London

Susan has such a warm and friendly approach and has helped me to get clarity on many different things.  If you are looking for some support with your practice I would recommend contacting her.


Supervision is a particular kind of professional conversation. It is not the kind of conversation that involves giving people advice, assessing them or solving their problems for them.

I have really enjoyed my supervision sessions with Susan over this past year. Her astute and perceptive questioning and gentle guidance has helped me to reflect upon and resolve some challenging professional issues over the last few months . Her feedback is also incredibly positive and validating. I thoroughly recommend her.

Supervision is the kind that happens when you provide space, time, and professional support for colleagues so that they can reflect on their encounters with patients.


Emma Downes, 
Acupuncturist in Cardiff


It's helpful to have someone to talk with about your professional practice whether working in a clinic or on your own. You get the space to go over blocks, glide through life transitions and keep on track with self-improvement.
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Group supervision

Groups are made up of peers in similar practice situations. Each participant gets time to explain and reflect on what's alive in them while getting the rich perspectives from peers. Register your interest below.
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One-to-one sessions

Regular one-to-one supervision helps you to analyse issues in depth. I recommend monthly meetups.  It gives you opportunities to let go of self-criticism and isolation when working alone. You can do 1:1 and group sessions too!


My practice numbers have doubled since starting supervision. You gain ongoing support to improve and manage personal and professional circumstances. I consider my group part of my work-family.
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I am on the British Acupuncture Council Register of Mentors and Supervisors. I offer online and in-person supervision from the SouthEast of England. I can facilitate groups of acupuncturists, yoga teachers and mixed therapists or do 1 to 1 sessions.  You can have supervision from the comfort of your own home or office space that is effective and empowering.  Contact me for more information. 

Caroline Haigh, Acupuncturist in Leeds

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 1:1 supervision sessions with Susan to reflect upon aspects of my practice. As an experienced practitioner with over 20 years running a busy clinic the temptation can be to not allow sufficient time to focus on  your work in this way. I have found Susan to be a very skilled listener, able to make really useful interventions and skillfully guiding me through discussions about complex issues concerning my working life. I would recommend supervision as a model of good practice to anyone and recommend Susan as someone with great skill in the field.

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