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Supervision for Acupuncturists
& Yoga Teachers 


Enhance your practice through exploration

Our sessions cover a wide range of topics crucial to your professional development, including:

  • Time Management: Optimise your scheduling and productivity.

  • Practitioner/Patient Boundaries: Establish and maintain healthy boundaries.

  • Administrative Issues: Streamline your practice's administrative tasks.

  • Work-Life Balance: Find the equilibrium between your professional and personal life.

  • Transitions: Guidance on moving forward in your career or changing direction.

  • Positive Insights: Share and celebrate your successes and positive experiences.

  • Financial Matters: Discuss charging, cancellation fees, and other money-related concerns.


Each session is tailored to address what is most relevant to you and your practice. We can explore any aspect of your professional life and also how your personal life impacts on it.


Supervision is not the kind of conversation that involves giving people advice, assessing them or solving their problems for them. It is open and and exploration of creative possibility.


Supervision is a kind of magic that happens when you receive space, time, and professional support for so that you can reflect on encounters with patients and within yourself.

Online Meeting


  Your professional practice needs refining whether working in a clinic or on your own.

With supervision, you get the space to go over blocks, glide through life transitions and keep on track with self-improvement.

One-to-one sessions

Regular one-to-one supervision helps you to analyse issues in depth. I recommend monthly meetups.  It gives you opportunities to let go of self-criticism and isolation when working alone.
You can do both one to one and group sessions to fine-tune your practice but also connect with others in your field.
Video Call
Life Coach

Group supervision

Groups are made up of peers in similar practice situations. Each participant gets time to explain and reflect on what's alive in them while getting the rich perspectives and experiences from others.

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Caroline Haigh,

Acupuncturist in Leeds

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 1:1 supervision sessions with Susan to reflect upon aspects of my practice. As an experienced practitioner with over 20 years running a busy clinic the temptation can be to not allow sufficient time to focus on  your work in this way. I have found Susan to be a very skilled listener, able to make really useful interventions and skillfully guiding me through discussions about complex issues concerning my working life. I would recommend supervision as a model of good practice to anyone and recommend Susan as someone with great skill in the field.

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