Male & Female Fertility

Male & Female Fertility

Both partners have a role in conception. 

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Full Term

Miscarriages and pregnancy loss are common. I support women through all stages of pregnancy



IVF, ICSI and IUI is common throughout the world

Male & Female Fertility

It takes two for a baby. I think reproductive science is in its infancy and it's a complete gamble trying to get pregnant. I hope you're lucky and give you the best advice and treatment possible to support your quest. You want the best of you to go into your children so both partners are just as important to focus on when you've not conceived. I've found talking about male fertility can be a bit taboo, when it's actually pretty common and no big deal to treat with acupuncture. It's often the women who seek treatment. 

Cut out the junk from your life. Do fun things, stop having sugar and start making paleo bars for sugar cravings, stop drinking sodas and sugar free aspartame laden drinks. Eat plant based foods and clean meats.


If you've been told you need ICSI by your IVF clinic, it's probably there is a sperm issue. Men can get sperm parameters measured easily by the GP or fertility clinic. You can monitor how effective lifestyle changes, supplements, foods and acupuncture change the sperm.  For now, stop using a laptop on your lap and keep your phone far from the groin area!

The needles don't go into private areas, I often treat male fertility issues with the same points as a painful back. I also use points to help treat the "heart" or emotions. Men still have lower mortality than women (79 compared to 83 in 2017) and opening the heart energy is very important in studies of happiness and general health.

Try a series of 5-10 sessions. It's not just good for fertility but also your general wellness, I tailor the treatment to you.


There's a lot going on with women's fertility so there is a massive continuum of starting to fall pregnant to having had multiple miscarriages or IVF attempts. It's a rocky spiritual journey which can take you any unpredictable direction.  

You may have a diagnosed issue like fibroids, PCOS, or be told it's unexplained.  There are many tests you can take to gather information about the best treatment to undergo. Check with your GP to see if they will do some of them, also ask if you can pay privately.  Collect the information to keep track of your journey. 


Keep your hopes up. The Dalai Lama said "under no circumstances should you ever lose hope".


Assisted reproduction techniques vary in every hospital and country. Live birth rates are what matters to couples.  Most fertility clinics now recommend having acupuncture before and after the IVF/ICSi transfer.  This is a procedure called the Paulus Protocol. This is a simplistic view of acupuncture and a well trained practitioner can guide you through the entire cycle, with treatments supporting the different physiological processes. I also give lifestyle advice and teach a useful mindfulness exercise.

As a Traditional Acupuncturist I don't use treatment protocols, instead, I tailor the treatment to the individual.

I recommend getting weekly treatments through IVF cycle. I also recommend having a treatment during the 2 week wait.  



Care Fertility is only a 5 minute drive to my home clinic.  I am also 17 minutes by car from the Surrey Park Clinic and 30 minutes from the New Life Clinic Epsom.  I also  see couples who get treatment in other countries and London.